D.I.Y Rosemary Hydrosol/( Water)

Using Rosemary Hydrosol is the best thing that happened to me and the best part is it is easy to make. A hydrosol is a liquid extracted from a herb or from a flower. It may also be known as a distillate. I like it mostly for my hair it makes my hair soft whilst adding moisture to it.

Benefits of Rosemary Hydrosol

Rosemary hydrosol is analgesic (pain relieving) just like the essential oil.

It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. It’s also good for promoting lymph flow which is good for detoxifying the body.

Rosemary is anti-fungal in nature.

It has antibacterial properties

The powerful antiseptic properties of rosemary hydrosol are good for disinfecting skin and surfaces.

Bug Repellent
Rosemary repels bugs like ants, spiders and flies.

It reduces oily skin, tightens pores and decreases large pores on the skin.

Antispasmodic means it helps relieve muscle spasms and cramps.

Decongestant & Expectorant
It can relieve colds, cough and congestion.

You can use rosemary hydrosol to reduce acne inflammation, repair sun damaged skin, soothe bug bites and calm irritated skin.

It is a good moisturizer for hair and skin. It makes hair soft because hair needs moisture and that is what the hydrosol can deliver

How to make the hydrosol

Firstly take a pot with a glass or transparent lid and put a brick or anything so that the container which will hold the hydrosol wont be direct to the pot

Add the herb in this case the rosemary in the pot with boiling or cold water

Close the lid

Put an ice pack on top of the lid so as to hasten the steam condensation.

Whilst the water in the pot will be boiling the steam will be going on the lid and it will condense in the beaker or container inside the pot. The condensed steam is the Hydrosol.

When the beaker is full or half full remove from heat and cool. Put in a clean container preferably transparent .

Store in cool dry place where there is light and never in a dark area .

I hope you will try this an don’t forget to give me feedback

Enjoy 🙂


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