Having natural hair is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never felt so confident the way I feel now when rocking my Afro. I feel African and proud especially with no make up on.


I had really long hair before I transitioned to natural hair. I loved my relaxed long hair.



I stopped putting chemical in February 2017 and during  that period was protecting my hair with weaves and braids. I always envied natural hair and my friends would rock they natural  hair. This motivated me to do the big chop on the 27th of December after I had removed my braids.IMG_2943

As you can see from the picture above when I had the big chop, my hair was already natural because I removed the relaxed hair and left what we call “growth” when you have relaxed hair. The best way to transition is cutting your hair. Some say you can remove the chemical using coke, I never tried it but its a no for me. The ingredients in Coca-Cola make it more acidic in its solution. The acidity within the liquid has the potential to swell the hair and the high sugar content will leave it quite sticky, this combination can potentially help to give the hair more volume and give the illusion of more body, much like beer does, or any soft drink. But, and this point is most important, there are no surfactants within the liquid so there are absolutely no cleansing benefits which remove chemical for the scalp and hair whatsoever. It really isn’t healthy for the scalp at all. It’s bad for the scalp of which the thing about hair is having a healthy scalp that’s why the Coca-Cola option is a no for me.


Now I rock my natural hair

If you have relaxed hair its easy to transition. If you are keen about going natural go for it. Try something new besides relaxing your hair. Chemical damages hair in the long run. People make us seem like natural hair is hard to maintain because they cannot maintain their own hair but with the proper information on how to maintain natural hair you can still rock it even if you are on a budget.(Stay tuned for my next blog where I will  be sharing how to maintain Natural hair and relaxed hair as well)


I hope my transition journey will motivate you to finally accomplish your dream. Hope this has helped you.

Stay tuned for more….


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