F- False

In my world,this how I view fear.
Its just false evidence.Fear is the worst emotion because it can stop us from reaching our destiny

Others are actually motivated by fear because they don’t want to fail.
Fear is associated with failure and failure is the worst thing.
We all don’t want to be associated with failure.

I hope Fear is  not holding you back
I hope Fear is not causing you to become a failure

Rebuke that emotion of fear
Start seeing things differently
Don’t be overcomed by fear,but overcome it .


When I went to Mbizi,there was the Kenge team building activity,it looked fun and exciting.
The Kenge comprises of Rope walking, walking on stairs and zip lining
I remember looking up and I thought to myself I can never do this
Fear had overtaken me and told me I cannot do it
Others were doing it
I went at the starting point and did the rope walk and finished.
Now I had to walk on the wooden stairs
Tried walking and it seem impossible
Fear was holding me back from taking a step further
At that point I thought I was going to lose it ,fall and die.
But because there were people down who were chearing me “Trae you can do it”
Slowly I was proceeding,slowly I Was making progress.

Who are you surrounding yourself with that when Fear hits you,they will keep you going.
Don’t allow fear to make you into a failure and hold you back because of the people surrounding you

Finally I made i and did the last part which was zip lining and it was fun and I enjoyed it

Fear can hold you back If you are not careful ,don’t let that happen to you

Stay blessed xx

Stay tuned for more……:)


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