Yesterday I thought of going to work with a different look thus wearing makeup,not deep makeup but just doing my eyebrows. So I did not have concealer and decided to use my mother’s black opal foundation in place of concealer. The eyebrows came out nice but did not take a picture. The worst thing happened, I reacted to the foundation and had tiny breakout pimples on my eye brows. That was the worst  moment for me because I love my skin clear all the time.

I looked for something i could use in the kitchen to get rid of the reaction. I took a little bit of Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon then applied it to my face. The smell is not pleasing but the mixture is worth it. I was lazy to wash it off then i slept overnight with the mixture. When i washed my face today in the morning , my skin was so soft like super soft and the reaction pimples were gone. If I had honey, I think the results would have been so perfect.

Why ACV?

Apple cider vinegar has a high vitamin content. It has astringent properties. It is a rich source of alpha hydroxy acids that increase blood flow to the skin and minimize pores and it regulates the pH level of your skin thus making it a good skin toner. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevent acne or pimples by keeping the skin pores free from bacteria, oil and other dust particles. In addition, it helps restore and balance your skin’s pH, which is essential to prevent skin breakouts.


Why Cinnamon?

Cinnamon acts as an exfoliation agent to stimulate the scalp thus making it a good mask and a good cleanser for the skin. Cinnamon declog pores and bring in some oxygen which is needed by the skin because the skin needs to breath.

Hope this has helped you. Happy soft skin

Stay tuned for more xx…….


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