Parental blessing

Hey guys welcome to my blog.Today I’ll be sharing what I got about parents and blessings . Sometimes we worry about not having a deep relationship with maybe your dad, mum or guardian. Mostly it’s just a transactional kind of relationship where you just want school fees or money for something etc, that’s the only time … Continue reading Parental blessing


I’m back…

Hey guys welcome to my blog. It’s been soo long but I’m back. I’m back to blogging and I have so many topics that I will be discussing on this platform. I decided to take a break unwillingly but because of too much pressure I couldn’t handle. In life you need a timeout sometimes, reflect … Continue reading I’m back…

October Breast Cancer awareness month

What is Breast Cancer? Cancer is a disease of the cells which are the building blocks of body organs and tissues. Normally cells divide, grow and multiply in an orderly and controlled way as the body needs them to keep the body healthy.When cells become old or damaged, they die and are replaced with new … Continue reading October Breast Cancer awareness month